At times your requirements are very urgent in delivery of your goods. In such cases, we have our Air Freight service to meet your reuirements. Our Air Freight Services are running for a long time now and we have established a trustable network of partners all over the world all of whom does excel as air carriers. There pilots are all efficient and experienced people well trained to take shortest path via which delivery can be fastest. We cover almost every country for our air freight services and the best thing about our service is that we have flight schedule arranged every few hours.

Air Freight Services have their own added benefit of carrying bulk loaded. ENS freight also does that but timing constraints are there. If you are a medium size enterprise and don’t have much load to be shipped , entire ship cannot be moved just for your need alone, but via planes we can do that easily.

Like all our other services , we assure full quality of service here too. From pickup to delivery, dealing with all the custom officials, creating, managing and backing up your documentation to have a backup in case of data loss, security services, 24*7 accesability and availaibility, packaging, moving, insurance policy, everything is in place to fecilitate you. All you have to do is contact us, and we will have your work done for you on the fly.

ENS Logistics is an experienced operator of inbound and outbound freight. We are a company that guarantees efficiency and results all the way to the hands of the consignee.

Our Air Freight Services:

  • Worldwide reach to the last corners of the world.
  • Handling of freight consolidations and full plane charter services.
  • Complete and permanent control of shipments, from small to large cargos.
  • We provide immediate and continuous data and information of every operation, at all stages. You are never left in the dark.
  • We take care of all necessary paperwork and custom procedures for you.