Moving bulky merchandises from one part to another is the strength of our agile team. All the fraternities and workforce within our network skillfully manage the transition of the shipment till it reaches its desired destination

  • Cargo pickup and delivery
  • Full-Truck Load (FTL)
  • Less-Than-Truck Load (LTL)
  • Storage, order picking and outsourcing strategies
  • Inventory (permanent, specific date)
  • Returned shipment processing
  • Integration of warehousing and shipping applications

While our AIR Freight forwarding and Ocean Freight forwarding services are usually preferred by big enterprise with huge loads and long distance, mainly concerned with international boundaries, there are always clients like individual and small firms, looking for small load deliver, at shorter distances, for which air or ocean freight does not look as a feasible solution. We have land transportation service. The land transportation services, mainly comes to play at domestic level. Within the country; whenever and wherever you want; with big loads or small; even if you are a business or individual we are right there, just a click away. Waiting to assist you with our Road Transportation services.

The added benefits with picking this service are it is the best service type for relocation. We provide the packaging advantage too. The best thing is we do this in a very short time, and while packaging full attention is paid towards your product, it is cared-for like it’s our own. So you know you are in safe hands.

To provide the best quality, we do route audits, traffic monitoring and based on several calculation we select the best path optimized to provide you services at the most-affordable prices. Not only this; we pickup, package, move and deliver for you even to the most remote location. Our vehicles used for the same undergo strict checks, so that chances of any kind of mishap are avoided. Yet if there is any kind of damage to your product, we provide insurance.

So deal up with us and leave all shipping worries to us.